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Why Track Your Employees & Fleets

80% of commercial fleet owners believes that GPS tracking is crucial to their business. Here is what GPS tracking systems are becoming a popular option and a real cost saving tool for fleet managers (even in Singapore). 

Types of Tracking device;  

Passive Tracking Device
A passive tracking device stores GPS location, the speed, and the heading into the device. Once the system has been installed and set up, there are no further fees. The downside with passive tracking is that information is not real-time, provides no protection if the vehicle is stolen or involved in accident. And finally can only be retrieved once the vehicle has been returned to the depot.

Active Tracking Device
Active tracking devices, collects the same information (as passive devices) but instead of storing the information for download later, they transmit all the data (through the use of a cellular dataplan) to a central database realtime. The information is normally displayed over the internet using the accompanying tracking software. 

Types of vehicles that can be tracked
You can track almost any vehicle. From lorrie, to vans, trucks, buses and even cranes. 

Types of Real-Time Tracking Systems

While some businesses may opt for tracking softwares to be installed in their office premise (for security purposes), due to the explosion of cloud based systems, many businesses are opting for cloud based tracking solutions (which costs lesser).

Benefits of Real-time Tracking
Fleet operator(s) can then log-in to monitor the activity and has access to real-time information of all the vehicles in their fleet, their location, speed, detours, drop-off points, distance traveled, temperature of refrigerator boxes and maintenance details.

With this real-tme information of their fleets, fleet managers can save money by cutting out delays, improving operating efficiency and reducing fuel costs. Fleet operators can also use tracking systems to help them in routing, dispatching, including on-board gathering information and monitoring security. Tracking systems can also be used to collect driving behavior, and for reliable prevention of theft and retrieval.

The result of commercial Real-time tracking is an amplified level of productivity, curbed travel time, and increase time spent doing actual business. This helps you increase sales and reduces operating cost.

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